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Business Credit

Many business owners are unaware that not having a business entity means you are personally liable for everything your business does. It also puts all your personal assets at risk and makes it much more difficult to sell or transfer your business because everything is tied directly to you personally.

By operating as a separate entity, such as a Corporation or LLC, your business can build a “Business Credit Asset”. This means that your business entity can leverage its own business credit scores to obtain many forms of financing and funding, like supplier credit lines. Your entity's credit can then easily be sold or transferred, because it is not tied directly to you.

Having a separate entity is only one of the several critical items that make-up what is called "Lender Compliance". Not completing these items can get your business declined, but properly addressing them gives your business its best chance to get funded.

Let DM Kingdom Wealth Strategist assist you in setting up your business to access funding.

Visit our product area and sign up for Coaching. Apply 22% off to Business Credit Coach with the promo code "Busch", at check out. This is good through January 31st.

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